My Grade 6 Graduate – Lessons Gleaned From Elementary Homeschool

Picture the scene: A desk strewn with papers; its chair piled high with student textbooks and the surrounding area littered with old pens, flashcards and aged artwork. And then there’s me in the midst of it all, trying to make sense of where the past 6 years have gone. As I sift through almost everythingContinue reading “My Grade 6 Graduate – Lessons Gleaned From Elementary Homeschool”

The Pitfalls of Part-time Homeschooling

When I tell people I part-time homeschool my boys, I’m usually met with intrigue and surprise. In all honesty, I was unaware such a schooling arrangement existed until I moved to Saudi Arabia and began homeschooling myself. So what exactly is it? Also known as flexi schooling or part-time enrollment, part-time homeschooling usually involves yourContinue reading “The Pitfalls of Part-time Homeschooling”

Reading in Lockdown

Fun Fact: According to a recent survey, people have almost doubled their reading time since lockdown began. This is one bandwagon you definitely want to join! But are you stuck for reading choices? Don’t know where to start or what you even feel like reading? Here’s my list of books that may just help youContinue reading “Reading in Lockdown”

Ramadan Reading 2020

With Ramadan fast approaching, most people are in full preparation mode; whether that’s giving the house a final clean, food shopping or menu making, my plans always include compiling a quick book list to complement my Qur’an reading. Here are my chosen titles for the year and I hope they provide an emaan-boost and encouragementContinue reading “Ramadan Reading 2020”